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Details on Pixel Art Miscategorizations

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 3, 2009, 9:49 AM

A bit of a touch up of the previous entry, with more to it, I've been mulling about it for a while but I still feel like I'm missing something so if you have anything to add let me know so that I can get it fixed up for a News entry.

After working with the Pixel Art category for a bit now, I've run into quite a few common miscategorizations that appear a lot in the Pixel Art Category. To try to answer a few questions and prevent some confusion there might be, I thought it would be good to go over some common misplacements I see and explain where these pieces should go.

:bulletblue: Isometric vs Non Isometric :bulletblue:
The first point I'd like to cover is more a confusion within the Pixel Art Category itself, the difference between Isometric and Non-Isometric pixel art. If you are new to pixel art, it is likely that you are not sure of what these two categories mean, and how to categorize your own work. To clarify, isometric pixel art is pixel art that is done in a near-isometric dimetric projection. In more general terms, this is pixel art that is drawn at a very specific, 3-dimensional angle. Games such as the Disgaea series and the online community Habbo as well as Furcadia all use an Isometric format.

There is a lot of very specific and detailed information regarding Isometric Pixel art here:…
So, if your pixel art is not done in a specific Isometric format, then you will want to put it in the non-isometric section.

:bulletblue: Dolls :bulletblue:
Now I realize dolls and pixel art categories can get a bit confusing so that's why I wanted to clarify this a bit. If you have made base for others to use in pixel art for dolls, you will need to put these in the Customizations > Dolls category. Likewise, and dolls made from bases you've adopted or bases you wish to allow others to use must be sorted into the Dolls category as well. Now in the event that you make your own base, but do not have it available for use for others, you could actually choose to place that in either the Pixel Art category or Dolls category, whichever you feel suits it best.

For more detailed information on dolls and their categories, FionaCreates has a couple of great articles on dolls and their categories here:… and…

:bulletblue: Doll Makers :bulletblue:
Any time you use a Doll Maker to create your own dolls, such as those online sites that let you choose between hairstyles and outfits to create a doll for you, these are not permitted in either the Pixel Art or Dolls category. These images are only permitted in the Scraps section. Additionally, even avatars from sites like Gaia Online, must be placed in the Scraps category.

:bulletblue: Stamps :bulletblue:
Since many stamps are often in GIF format, I see a lot of these appearing in the pixel art category. Unless the stamp is created in a pixel art format, then you would want to make sure any stamps are uploaded to the DeviantArt > Devious Stamps Category.

:bulletblue: Icons :bulletblue:
Now, I find in many cases icons tend to overlap either the pixel art category or the icons category, but generally, if your art is completely pixel art, then it can be added to the pixel art category or the icons category, whichever you feel suites it best. However, if your icon is a GIF that is not pixel art, then it must be placed in the Customizations > Icons category.

:bulletblue: Animations :bulletblue:
Often times I'll find things that are animated GIFs in the pixel art section often because they are saved in a GIF format. However, if they are not pixel art, then they do not belong in this category. Instead the best category for these images are the Animation categories, which could vary depending on the subject of animation.

:bulletblue: GIFs that aren't pixel art :bulletblue:
Another common issue that I see in the pixel art field is standard images that are saved in a GIF format that are under the pixel art category. Due to the fact that most of the Digital Art section does not permit GIFs I often find images in a GIF format in the pixel art category that are clearly not pixel art. It is best for these images if they are saved in a different format, such as JPG or PNG and are moved into the correct categories. Believe me, not only will this be helpful to the pixel art category, but for your own art as well.

If your image has transparency, which is why it has been saved in the GIF format, the best option for these would be to save it in a PNG format. Not only do PNGs support transparency but they also support partial transparencies and don't have the same color restrictions that GIFs do, so it'll make your image look much nicer in the long run.

:bulletblue: Video Game Sprites :bulletblue:
All video game sprite edits are not permitted on DeviantArt, and will be removed, even if you give credit. I realize that some edits can be very nice and hard to do, but even so DeviantArt is not the place for them.

Of course, if you have any questions about these, or would like any clarification on something in particular, please do let me know! (bah where's the busy mood)

:bulletpurple: Events In Pixel Art :bulletpurple:

Suggest a DD stamp by Thiefoworld :thumb114486603: Get cleaning by UnicornReality

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etNoir Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd love to see this as a news article, it's really helpful ^^
geho Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2009
going to go report sum miscats brb
michaelmas Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
superbly detailed :3
Kintsy Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Very informative! Thank you very much, that clarifies a lot of things. :)
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